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Green Design Competition

Apply your creative, designing mind to making a sustainable eco-friendly home…FOR THE BIRDS.
This design competition promotes the value of bird communities in our urban environment.

Chicago is a great city for birds and over 80 native species of birds nest here. Two hundred more use our city as a resting stop during migration every spring and fall, finding vital protection and food in the city’s parks, river ways, lakeshore, school grounds, street trees, and backyards.

Birds are an important part of the web of life — controlling insect populations and other pests,
pollinating flowers, and bringing nature into people’s lives.

Professional designers, carpenters, and artists, along with students and novices are encouraged
to design and build a house for one of the eight species in the competition and be inspired by the bird-friendly habitats in Chicago.

Application registration is due by April 16th
Finished Birdhouses submitted (with entry forms) to the Chicago Center for Green Technology on April 29-May 1st.

Printable Info & Forms:
Competition Guidelines
Bird Species Categories & Specifications
Entry Form
Competition Facts Poster