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A Sweet Designed City Ride

Folding bikes are a great solution to accessible, portable green transportation for the city dweller, especially when storage/parking space is an issue at work or at home. There are many models of folding bikes on the current market, but one of the most exciting concept bikes is the Strida; both because of its incredibly easy and fast set-up/fold-down time and its unique visual style.

The Strida makes a bold visual statement and riders should be prepared to be peppered with questions about the weight, comfort and utility of this unique bike. Ride one and you are appointed ambassador of the folding bike riding experience.

Strida has information about accessories, its history, & demonstration videos on their website.

The Strida has the following features:
• a comfortable, upright riding position.
• the ability to roll when folded.
• the smallest footprint of any full-sized folder.
• no gears to worry about. Just pedal and go.
• a convenient umbrella shape when folded.
• a clean, quiet belt.
• no oily chain or gears. Trousers stay pristine.
• one-sided wheel mounting for easy  tire & 
tube changes.
• a short wheelbase. In bike mode, it takes up much less space than most bikes. In folded mode, it walks/rolls like an umbrella stroller taking up very little personal space.
• the ability to prop up vertically.
• rack becomes a convenient stand when folded.
• the easiest fold. No need to think about complex sequences. You don’t even need to bend down. Magnets do all the work for you.

The Strida has been awarded accolades and recognition from many sustainable orgs. and design-focused competitions including:

– 2009 Treehugger, Best Industrial Design: Strida Folding Bike

– 2007 TBEA Award (second runner up in Complete Bicycles Awards Category)

– 2006 Fiestrai Award of INNOVATIE

- 2002 SMART Award for Innovation

- 2000  i.d. Magazine Annual Design Award

– 2000 Millenum Product Award

- 1999 Design Museum, London

– 1992 Grand Prix Prize, Japan

– 1988 Cyclex Design Award Best New Product


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