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Mucca Pazza is in the Hood!

MUCCA PAZZA with Bird Names & Killer Whales
Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 10:00 PM

Lincoln Hall  /  2424 N Lincoln Ave  /  Chicago, IL
TEL: 773-525-2501  /  MUSIC: 773-525-2508


Experience this 30 person marching band with internal personality disorders that really know how to jam on the band tunes and rock the sousaphone. Not your mama’s marching band; musical delirium married with inchoate performance antics for a great all-around live experience that is not to be missed!

And from the Lincoln Hall website… At every rehearsal, BBQ, and party, everyone loves one another like one big family. Until a gig comes along, and then — The trombones rumble with team saxophone, who fight for stage space with the clarinet and the fiddle, who don’t notice because they are busy vying for the attentions of the accordions, who could care less because the drum corps are a bunch of bullies, who are constantly melting at the sight of the glockenspiel, who has an eye for the cymbals, who keeps falling over the sousaphone, who is busy avoiding flying pom poms, who are chasing after the trombones, who are rumbling…Mucca Pazza are marching misfits.


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